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Greeting Cards 

​                                                       Candle Magic 

      Whether you desire to bring into your life positive experiences (success,           money, love, happiness), or let go of old habits (unhealthy relationships,    unworthiness, negative thinking) that keep you stuck, use these candles to 

                             Help you create the positive changes you desire. 


Votive Candles and Holders

Himalayan Salt Lamps 
Paintings on Driftwood  Rose Quartz
Paintings on Driftwood  Rose Quartz
Furry Bones  
Dragons and Fairies

         Our candles are designed for you to experience a deeper connection. 
       Choose one or combine several of our candles to enrich your daily life.                     Let our products bring enjoyment to each new sunrise, sunset,                                                           and all the minutes in between.