Road blocks, creative theories and unsolvable questions are common barriers that we all experience from time to time. 



If you have pondered and stretched your imagination on how you can break through these issues I present some interesting concepts to provide new leads and plausible theories in answering tough questions. Consider this avenue as an alternative approach to breaking down barriers.
Our work together will help you achieve what it is that you seek most.
Readings may involve messages about current and/or past life issues, dream interpretation, or suggestions and guidance to assist in your healing and growth. The guidance channeled through me, helps you understand what it is that you may need and desire. 
They can support the positive choices you are making, giving credence to your decisions as you journey forward in life.   
I look forward to meeting you and sharing with you the wisdom and insights from the realms of spirit.

Energetic Healing

Relationship, work, children, health, or other issues that are depleting your energy?
While you are encompassed in a crystal grid, fully clothed, I channel energy into your body by means of touch, to integrate a healing to your emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies. This process helps restore physical and emotional well-being, and gently rebalance and harmonize your energy flow. Using several energetic modalities, we clear blocks you are ready to release, helping you on your healing path.
May the Goddess of Happiness be with you
(503)- 962-9251


Navigate Through Astrology 
Each month Nadeira helps you to understand how the planets are lining up and how they affect what’s going on energetically for the month.
Nadeira explains how you may use this information to help you maneuver your everyday life, at home and work, to include your relationships and business dealings.
You will learn how the moon and planets affect the different layers of your life and how to utilize the information to best serve you in the month ahead. This insight can help you have a new prospective on how you move forward.
Come with your questions, as Nadeira is willing to answer them so you may navigate the month ahead with ease.
First Sunday of Each Month
6:00 PM


Phone: (541) 992-4443

(503) 962-9251


Sapphire Center


Crystal Healing  

My Name Is Melinda Logan,I’m Native American, A Minister, Doctor Of Divinity, Reiki Level Practitioner, Certified Crystal Healer, Rapid Eye Technology Technician And Life Skills Coach. I Work With Crystal Grids, A Few Different Crystal Healing Methods Including “Crystal-Ssage”, And Assist With Fertility And Healing Of The Womb.

Rapid Eye Technology
Rapid Eye Technology, Or RET, Is A Natural, Safe Way To Release Stress And Trauma. RET Simulates REM Sleep, Your Body's Own Natural Release System. This Powerful Quick Release Happens Without Reliving The Trauma
So What Makes It Work? RET Physiologically And Psychologically Opens Up The Neuropathways Where The Energetic Memories Of Our Personal And Inherited Traumatic Experiences Are Trapped. For Instance, Being Trapped In The Birth Canal, Trapped In A Car Accident, Or Trapped In A Relationship, Are All On The Same Neuropathway. With This Treatment, Clients Release Issues And Emotions At A Comfortable Rate Without Reliving Incidents.
~ 3rd sunday of the month ~
​1:00pm - 5:00pm

​​Tarot Readings
Nadeira has been working with and studying Tarot and other aspects of alternate healing and spirituality since she was 12 years old. Tarot has been and ongoing tool for self-discovery and healing in her life. She invites you to join her down the path of spiritual enlightenment and embrace the wisdom of the soul.
Tarot Cards
 are the mirrors/reflections of ourselves and our lives. They help reveal authentic perception into some of our most perplexing problems and bring healing solutions from Spirit. Tarot Divination is a powerful tool for unlocking the many secrets of our hearts and souls.
3rd Saturday of the month 
10:00am to 5:00pm