I have been sewing since the age of 9 when my grandmother who was a professional seamstress taught me how to make clothing. My experience is diverse from apprenticing for a theater group making costumes to consulting with breast cancer patients and survivors on how to develop comfort clothing for their special needs.
I love to teach, to share my passion for the arts and design with others. It is a gratifying experience to assist and observe the growth and success of an individual. To me it is a win-win situation, a symbiotic relationship.
My passion for painting and color is a current focus and direction for my creative spirit.
I love color! I embrace the ritual of creating color using dyes or paints. I have painted on fabrics, walls, chairs and of course canvases. I have created 3-d soft sculptures and wall hangings using diverse fibers and fabrics. My current medium is painting on canvas with acrylics. It is my goal to incorporate my love of fabric into my paintings.
 A recent series has been inspired by the cosmos.  I describe them as Cosmic Scapes and Sky Scapes.
My statement:



Claire is inspired by her passion to respect the Earth that sustains all life as we know it. Life is able to thrive fully when we stop to remember how the Earth provides so much




Corrin loves spending time with her hands in the earth where she finds peace as she connects with her creative side while at the same time feeling blessed to feed herself 
and her community through planting seeds in earth soil. 

Sapphire Center

For the beauty and artistic possibilities, Also for the meaning of such a powerful symbol.

The tree of life is often seen as a powerful symbol of growth, as the tree is one of the only living things that continue to grow throughout its lifetime. The tree is also a symbol for the true self and serves as a positive, healthy model for the unfolding development of both emotional and spiritual growth. As we grow and develop, our larger and more mature personality emerges and we begin to bare our essence of life providing our gifts and bounties to the wider world, sharing and receiving To all we meet and love.


Amber Philpott is a local artist from Depoe Bay, who uses a variety of Elements and Movement to express her art.  Jewelry is one of her passions, and wire wrapping tree’s of life is one of her favorite piece of jewelry to make, not only

To us in every way possible from the air we breathe to the vegetation that nourishes us physically and spiritually. Mother earth speaks to us in many forms and ways. It has been her greatest pleasure to capture some of that wisdom and spirituality in photographs she have taken during her travels. 

Each photograph has a message, a motivation or even a memory that is unique and different for each person who views it as is true with all inspirational art. It is our earth speaking to us in the most loving way possible. Spirit guides us to find the message this art is bringing, as it might well be known only to you. 

Claire has found a profound connectedness in mother earth that reaches deep into all aspects of her life. When we respect the earth and take better care of our environment, we naturally start taking better care of ourselves, which in turn allows us to care better for our family and loved ones, which in turn inspires them to take care of the environment as so on and so on. She hopes you find as much joy and empowerment in owning one or more of these photographs that clearly speak to you as it gave her in taking them. 

Over the years, many of these locations that Claire has visited have become extra special to her in that it was where she received great personal insight that helped her grow. It is through her photography that Spirit shows her beautiful and awesome images of faces and bodies formed by Mother Earth. 
Claire is clairvoyant and clairaudient which allows her to hear and see spirit forms in the earth as well as talk to the Spirits of those who have passed on. She chooses to use her gifts to help others by empowering them to achieve what they desire and continue the journey they came here to live. To read more about Claire check out her other web site www.Goddessofspirit.com and www.Earthcreatesart.com. 


Lucinda’s earliest memories of art are coloring with crayons.  She loved to color; maybe that’s where her love of art began.  In junior high and high school, art electives were 

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Through this process she uses the visions and feeling she receives while digging and playing in the earth. Nature is her backdrop for the artistic expression that becomes her art work.

Always first priority.  As a teenager, her mother paid for private toll painting lessons for both of Them, her first experience with oils.

Then life changed.  She had to choose what subject to study in college. Even though she was very good at art and math, she chose math.  Like many of us, She walked away from her passion hoping to come back to them later. She tried several times, but as it often happens, was too busy.

Life was rich with experiences for Lucinda, And at the age of 22, she put a backpack on and moved to Europe where she worked and traveled for a year and a half. Highlights were learning to speak French fluently, working on a rabbit farm, and spending time in famous European fine art museums.

After returning to Oregon, Lucinda studied Spanish and spent a year of college in Mexico where she became fluent in her third language. When she graduated with a BA in Spanish, She moved to Morocco. Lucinda married there and had a son, and taught English for two years.

When I returned home once again to Oregon, raising my son and managing a full-time job left little time for art. I went 25 years without painting. I expressed my love of art and beauty in little things like arranging flowers from my garden into a beautiful bouquet or creating a colorful salad. The desire to paint was still buried in my heart.

Serendipitously, a dear friend asked her to teach him to paint four years ago.  Where Lucinda unearthed the dusty old acrylic paint and brushes she had guarded dearly since high school for our weekly painting sessions. Putting brush to canvas again re-awakened the joy of painting in Lucinda . . . These butterflies are an expression of that.

Lucinda still works her full-time office job in salem, and active in road biking, and gardening. Painting has helped rekindle a passion which enriches her life on many levels. Lucinda is excited by the energy of colors and how they stimulate us. Lucinda loves the butterflies because they are magical and appeal to people around the world marking a joyful moment when they show up in our lives. Ancient ones believed they represent transformation. Whatever they bring to you, she hope it’s a smile, and perhaps even inspire the rekindling of passions and creative pursuits set aside long ago and far away.