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Sapphire Center

Creating Sapphire Center...   

The Sapphire Center opened in 2012—although Claire had been working with rocks and gemstones for many years prior, out of her home in Portland.
Claire felt guided to have her own shop and Open Sapphire Center On The Coast In South Lincoln City Due To The Wonderful People And Healing Energies. it was time and everything kind of fell together.

Claire finds the gems, stones and crystals we sell at the Sapphire Center at a variety of rock and jewelry shows across United States. We have built up a nice clientele of dealers and know the quality of their crystals and we have a great rapport with them. They either own the mines or have a family connection to the mines the crystals come from and I trust them. We hand pick all our stones, crystals, gems and other products.

Claire has always been connected to stones, from a young age she has picked them off the beach and taken them home with me. When people visit the beach they will pick rocks up, seashells, and take these treasures home with them. Her love of that helped created the Sapphire Center.

We Have A Wonderful Rock Game For The Kids To Play With—You Have To Guess Which Rocks Are Which And If You Get Them All Correct, We Give You A Little Rock To Take Home With You. We Have Children’s Books, Dinosaurs, Fairy’s, Dragons, Furry Bones And More.

When it comes to the unique draw of the Sapphire Center, happiness is our the top priority. We genuinely want to make people happy. We are not worried about how many people buy what in the course of a day and we don’t try to pressure our customers on sales. I have been in stores that want to pressure me to buy something and it doesn’t work. The Sapphire Center is no pressure. We want you to come in, feel good, share a laugh with you, and give you a hug if you need one. If you buy something that makes you feel good along the way, fantastic, but if you left with just a smile, then that is fantastic too.

Claire ask The customers to give her ideas of what they would like to see in the store. It helps her see the different perspectives and helps her to continue to find products that encompass the variety of people who come to the store.

Claire Spent Time In The Air Force And During Her Station At Okinawa, Japan; She Immersed Herself In Local Asian-Influenced Culture. Those Experiences And Many More Gave Me The Advancement To Pursue My Dream.

The Sapphire Center hosts local practitioners who can assist customers with anything from energetic healing, card readings and meditation. Claire herself performs readings. During her sessions Claire reads her clients  energy field, reach out loved one on the other side, their spirit guides. Each person does it their own way—the goal is to help the person answer questions, help give them some insight into what is going on in their lives. Healing means letting them let go of grief, pain or a subconscious belief system that no longer serves their highest good.

We do our best to keep our website calendar up to date on upcoming events and are planning on adding more classes.
Our long term goal is to outgrow this location so we can expand, in part to continue to provide a larger selection of products and expand our children’s section within the store.

Our Goal Is To Have Something For Everyone Here And To Just Make People Happy. We enjoy continuing to provide a variety of products and experiences for local and visiting customers.

Sapphire Center carries, local artwork, jewelry, crystals, incenses, greeting cards, books, collectibles, a children's section with dragons, fairies, dinosaurs and other gifts for your pleasure or those you love.
Your Local South Lincoln City Gift Shop.

We are located in south Lincoln City, on the east side of hwy 101, just north of the Ace hardware and across from IGA food store.

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